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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thrills and chills

Ok so I was WAY late in the horror game. I saw one (horrible, almost laughable really now that I look back on it) horror film, aka "Dolly Dearest", in about 3rd grade and was scared for many a years till I was ready to give it another go.

It wasn't till a 6th grade sleepover at my favorite Aunt's house (who worked in a video store at the time) that I ventured back into the horror genre with the movie Scream.

I admit that I am still squeemish when it comes to guts and gore, but a well written horror film makes me giddy. Which is why I am so damn excited to see the fouth edition in the Scream franchise. From the moment I heard that they were casting I admit to an overwhelming sense of giddiness, made even more so by the lack of script availability...which working in the industry getting a script is always a fun perk, but sometimes it just ruines things...especial the suspence/horror films....

So now the big day is almost upon us and I am literally salivating that this new chapter may somehow redeem the franchise. For while Scream 2 and 3 weren't awfull they PAILED in comparision to the greatness of the original. So....let's see if this new one can bring it all back!!!

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