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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pilot Season...

I feel like I have not made any sort of dent in the TONS of pilot scripts littering S.W.A.B. (aka Small White & Beautiful, aka my kindle...) despite the fact that I've already read at least a didn't help that I didn't read any yesterday, or this morning. Seriously need to buckle down this weekend and wade through them. There's the usual mix of this is really good....this isn't bad and who the hell thought this was a good idea?

The snow has been royally ucking up my social life...didn't get to go see JJ play on Wed, didn't make it into work yesterday oh & not able to see Find Vienna tonight...which makes it a mystery as to why I'm so far behind in my's not that I am required to read all the pilot scripts for work...I just feel it makes my job easier if I'm more informed on what the clients are coming in for.  I don't do anything with them either I read them then delete them. I'll admit, it's kinda fun knowing what's coming out. Though there are negative effects too, I still haven't completely gotten over the fact that "Back" was never picked up...I guess I could see how people might not have been ready for it...but damn that was a good one.

Basically I'm going to need to just lock myself away & get some reading done this weekend. Sounds exciting I know, working through the weekend, but I don't know when else I'm going to get the chance. So here's to going home to a glass of wine and some (hopefully) good reading.

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