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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Gift From Joy...

I've always loved to read...even as a child I was that obnoxious little kid who would surpass everyone on the extra reading charts and actually have read the books she claimed to. I often give books as presents for birthdays or holidays, usually I buy books I've read and loved as gifts, tho sometimes it will be something that I feel just reminds me of them.

So when Joy gave me a book for Christmas this year I didn't think too much of it. Reading the back of the book, it sound pretty intriguing, but nothing too out of the ordinary, then upon her urging I opened it. It was one of those personalized books, you know like the kind your parents sent away for when you were a kid, had you as the star of the story? Except it was a romance novel starring me & the boy, lol. Hysterical, in the story we are both British Secret Agents....& British Secret Agent me kicks SO much ass...not to mention she happens to be quite in my head she naturally has a British Accent, and let's face it I so SHOULD have some kind of accent... essentially she is everything I could hope to be.

This of course only further fuels my resolve to become kick ass this year. If I can achieve the level of fit my British Secret Agent counterpart is...well then i shall be a happy gal! Is that really so odd a thing to strive for? Bought training gloves last night, bringing me one step closer to kicking the crap out of our new punching bag. I'm also gonna attempt some strength training once we can get my weights, which are still living out in LI back to NJ.

Starting next week, I plan on doing some form of exercise everyday, even if it's as small as taking a brisk walk around the block. Gotta start moving to get into lethal shape. That's right the goal is lethal shape. Of course this means I will seriously need to kick it up a notch if I want to continue my love affair with cupcakes... I refuse to give them up, everybody's allowed their own guilty pleasure right? But I may have to savor them a bit more...

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