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Monday, January 10, 2011

Turn Off The Dark...

SO I saw it. The current talk of Broadway...Spiderman:Turn Of The Dark.  And it experience...I'm really not sure how else to describe it, at times it was really exciting and at times just boring. Small things went wrong, but nothing huge...there are some Major plot issues with the second act. It def falls into the well I'm glad I saw that, but don't really have a need to see it again (the one exception being if Matty Cap should ever go on as spidy b/c let's face it I'm nothing if not loyal). I wish I had more to say on the show, but for me it just was.

It's been so long since I've seen a show that has moved me in anyway, having once been such a devoted theatre geek. It doesn't necessarily have to be a theatrical masterpiece, but something that after I experience I walk out of and say "When can we come back?" I mean I've seen some good stuff in the past few years, but nothing that really spoke to me. I find that a little disheartening I guess. I really WANT another experience like that, but I have yet to have one. Maybe working in the industry has made me more cynical, or at the very least expect more from the shows that I see.

Spent most of the past weekend in bed, aside from Friday night, when Beaser came over, which was nice. It was really great to see him, and just chill. I even made the responcible choice to stick to water, despite the allure of some lovely white wine. I admit the next two days of bed rest was probably a bit of over kill, but since I've been sick for over a week, I figured the more rest the better. I have to say too, despite having all the guys over to watch football with, the boy was very good about taking care of me. Making sure I was fed & had plenty of OJ & Ginger ail, & reminding me in general how lucky I am to have such a sweet bf. At least I'm feeling mostly better today, still a bit of a cough, but no longer have a death hack.

The plan is for this week to be pretty low-key, with a few minor exceptions, like my friend Steven's birthday dinner on Thurs. I feel by not packing my weekday evenings, which I DEF have the tendency to do, I'll be able to be a little more relaxed. Not gonna cut out ALL weekday fun, but cutting down may perhaps be the healthy/responsible way to go. Look at me, acting like a grown is this girl?

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