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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Revenge "Infamy": AKA: Return of the Weekly Take Down

First of all, yeay for a good old fashion take down. I mean it's fabulous that they have strayed from the "take down of the week" format of the first few episodes in order to go for some more complex plot lines, but I have to admit I was glad for the throw back.

 So this week Emily is pitted up against Leo/Mason, does anyone use there real name on this show, Tredwell, played by the awesomely talented Roger Bart, the author of a book which basically confirmed her father's guilt. side note, while most of you know who Roger Bart is from his turn as George Williams on Wysteria Lane, I personally fell in love with him when he portrayed Snoopy in the 1999 Broadway revival of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. So he will forever be Snoopy to me, though his Revenge wardrobe was more reminiscent of his costumes in the 1995 Broadway revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying  where he played Bud Frump, and wore a lot of bow ties.

But I digress, anyway so Mason is back in town writing his memoirs and by the invitation of the Queen of the Hamptons herself, Ms. Victoria Grayson, who of course has her own motives for his visit. Our darling Emily uses this golden opportunity to not only get back at Mason, but lay the groundwork in getting rid of the little Amanda Clarke problem. Which could NOT happen soon enough.

Am I the only one who can not stand her? I mean if she was such a great friend to Emily, which she claims to be, then how could she keep  listening to the things Jack says about his love for Amanda and not tell Emily about it, or at the very least feel guilty? Nope, all she does is feel jealousy. She is under the belief that there is something going on with Emily and Jack, even though Emily has only ever, at least publicly, expressed interest in Daniel. Her Coyote Ugly shenanigans did nothing to endear her to me either, if anything it made me feel bad for Jack. Poor Jack, seriously if him and Emily do not end up together, at some point, there is no justice.

Another reason I dislike Amanda so strongly is I feel as though her dating/living with the Porters, keeps Nolan at bay.  Some of my favorite moments on Revenge are when Nolan gets to hang out with the Porter boys. Seriously, especially after finding out that Nolan did fall for Tyler's games, I feel more and more that he could use a friend.  An actual friend, you know not Emily. 

So Emily uses Nolan, yet again, to bait Mason into thinking that he wanted Nolan wants him to write his biography for him. Of course the idea of writing a multimillionaire's  biography is too good to resisit and so while Nolan takes Mason out to dinner to disscuss terms, Emily pays his cottage a visit.  Where Mason stores all his tapes of his David Clarke interviews and the ONLY copy of his manuscript, after stealing the tapes for herself, Emily uses Amanda's lighter, which she made sure Mason saw her using, to light a cigarette and burn the cottage, manuscript and all to the ground.

 So on to the big reveal of the episode, which, not to brag but I called exactly two months to the day, don't believe me check it out here . Charlotte is Emily's half sister! Which makes perfect sense, it explains why dispite the rift between them that Victoria so desperately wants custudy of her daughter. She is a reminder of her lost love. I do believe that Victoria loved David Clarke, and that her going along with the plot against him was purely an attempt to keep her son. Think about it, if Conrad was capable of not only financing terrorism but setting up a trusted employee as his fall guy, who knows what else he could be capable of? Further more, Daniel seems to have, at least now that he have reformed, turned into a pretty decent human being, imagine how he would have turned out if he'd been raised solely by Conrad. I am in no way saying that I condone her actions, but I may understand them, at least a little.

The major questions now are, who was shot on the beach, and who did the shooting? I fully believe that when the pilot was written the writers had every intention of the victim being Daniel. However, as evidenced before, with the Tyler storyline, the writers are ever evolving their plots. I would be surprised if they some home made is so it wasn't Daniel out on the beach, despite having both Charlotte and Victoria screaming on the beach during the discovery.

As for the shooter, while it still could be Tyler, depending on whether or not he can escape police custudy, and Amanda, in all her jealousy is also a good suspect, but I would like to add one or two more people to the suspect pool.

Satoshi Takeda - Emily's Japanese mentor. He seemed none too pleased with Emily's budding feelings for Daniel. What better way to get her  back on track then to kill off her biggest distraction?

Conrad Grayson - I know, I know, he's Daniel's father, but he's not the most upstanding citizen. Let's face it Daniel has already declaired his alliance to Victoria. If he goes through with the marriage Victoria will own a majority of the company. Do you really think Conrad will go down with out a fight?

Last week they filmed Fire and Ice, the episode where were are finally given some answers. I can not wait to see where they are headed.

Also the Feburary  issue of Glamor has a feature on Revenge  with some AMAZING photos.

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