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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Revenge "Duress": AKA: Tyler the Bad Ass

So in prep for tonight's Revenge let's take a moment to discuss last week's explosive episode.

We finally got what we all, or at least I, have been waiting for since that very first episode he showed up, Tyler's EPIC meltdown. Major props need to go out to Ashton Holmes by the way for creating a character I almost loved to hate. I love Ashton Holmes and so for him to be able to make me have a vehemenet hatred of one of his roles is a testament to his insane talent. I really hope to see him on my tv again soon.

 His psychotic break couldn't have worked out better for Emily though, it gave her the perfect opportunity to close ip loose ends on the Frank murder. Sure she'd layed the ground work to frame Victoria/Conrad but let's face it Tyler makes a far better patsy, especially after his preformace at Daniel's birthday. Seriously the guy is a dangerous sociopath who's been off his meds, even if he denies it, who's going to believe anything he says?

Though a major plot bunny that was driving me crazy was, were was Nolan's security guy? I realize he got him because of Frank's attack, and now that Frank is dead he may have no longer seen a need for him, but I was pretty sure the guy was around for awhile after Frank's death. So why wasn't he there when Tyler went all stabby on Nolan? Poor Nolan, the whole Revenge plot is Emily's grand plan and yet while her consiquence seems to be that she gets to sleep with the yummy Daniel Grayson, Nolan gets the crap beaten out of him on several occasions. Not cool.

Also I am dissapointed that the had Nolan admit to of haven "fallen" for Tyler, as opposed to have just slept with him to blackmail him later, which is truely a testiment to just how lonely he is. The one good thing to come of this whole mess however, seems to be the fact that Ashley and Nolan seemed to bond, for at least a moment, over their awful taste in men. I really hope they end up becoming friends, because let's face it, they could both use some. Currently their only friends seem to be Emily, and well, she's not the greatest at relationships.

I guess it was nice to see that Emily has actually fallen for Daniel, though I admit I was a little surprised/annoyed by, at least how it appears in the preview, that Daniel decides to propose in order to gain access to his trust fund...Seriously Daniel...I thought better of you.

It wouldn't be a full discussion if I didn't mention my intense dislike of Fauxmanda and her trapping of Jack. Seriously, it kills me a little inside that  Emily never gets to hear the things that Jack thinks he is telling her. He's been waiting for her practically his whole life, it's so sweet and endearing, the fact that Fauxmanda is exploiting it make me sick. Ok, maybe that's a bit much but still. It's no wonder she seems so jealous of Emily talking to Jack, after all even though he doesn't know it, all those sweet words were meant for her. I can not wait to see how Emily takes her down.

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