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Monday, January 2, 2012

Champagne Revelations

Sitting on my couch with The Boy, champagne glass in hand, watching A League of Their Own, which is by far my favorite movie ever. I mean there are lots of movies I love, but A League of Their Own is the "saw it in theatres, must watch every time it is on tv despite owning it, actually got me to play an entire season of softball, I can quote every line in my sleep" favorite movie.

Of course I already knew most of the trivia/lore, how much Madonna hated filming, how all the injueries were real, and that one bruise lasted for over a year, but having been some time since I last watched it there were a few things I never pieced together.

Tonight's revelations:

Evelyn was played by Bitty Schram who more recently played Sharona on Monk. While I never truly "watched" Monk, my parents did and so I deffinately was aware of it's existance and have seen several episodes.

Mr. Lowenstein was played by David Strathairn aka Dr. Rosen on Alphas. I always thoght his voice sounded familiar on Alphas but never made the connection as to how I knew him till tonight.

Sometimes it is just really awesome to watch a favorite movie/show and have new realizations and make new connections.

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