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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episode #99 "Future Talk": A.K.A.: They're Making Me Dizzie

Well folks, today was the last Monday ever that we will receive a brand new episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Go ahead, take a mo-mo for that to sink in and to get all your feels out.

Ok, on to the episode, I can safely say all the fans, specificly those of the female variety, freaked a little last week when we saw that the preview of today's episode had our dear Darcy sitting on his own in front of the camera. So we all knew we were going to be treated to more Dizzie time. Once again I would like to point out that they can not keep the smiles from their face, or their hands off each other. I think playing with Darcy's tie may be Lizzie's new favorite thing to do, and that jump cut? Damn. I am pretty sure she spent the rest of that episode with her legs across his lap.

I think it's safe to say we all knew that Lizzie was going to shoot down Darcy's job offer. She's always been fiercely independent, and the acceptance of an offer to work for Pemberly would have been completely out of character for her, even more so now that they are in a "relationship". In the past year or so, Lizzie has become hyper aware of other people's perceptions and just how first impressions/prejudices are formed, working for Pemberly now, especially in the way Darcy pitched it, with an entire team created around her, would definitely have her perceived negatively as the girl dating the boss.  Plus she already, whether she fully likes to admit it or not has "equality issues" when it comes to their financial standings.

Side bar: Pemberly has "nap pods"? Can I work there?

No, it just makes more sense to have Lizzie start up her own company, to have something that's her's, however she is looking to base her company in San Fransisco, which of course leads all the Dizzie shippers salivating of the thought of the two of them moving in together.

This was our last Darcy episode, which though sad, does make sense, as he he pointed out, he does have a company to run. Thursday marks the 100th and final episode of The Lizzie Bennet Dairies, and judging by the previews it looks like Lydia is back. Are you ready?

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