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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episode # 96 "Talking To Myself": AKA: Lizzie Takes the Plunge

That's right folks she did it! She called Darcy!!

When we last left off, Caroline reappeared and had a few choice words for our lovely Lizzie, and her supposed manipulations of Darcy and Bing. Lizzie neither confirmed nor denyed her feelings for everyone's fave CEO and then took the high road, and invited Caroline to stay for dinner. She refused the invitation, but still, good on Lizzie and her personal growth for at least attempting to extend the olive branch.

So by today, Lizzie has been left with quite a bit of time to dwell on the whole, Darcy is her sister's savior thing, and without her usual partners in crime about to help her talk it through, she resorts to costume theatre.

What follows was by far the greatest episode of costume theatre EVER. Lizzie portrays, Jane, Fitz (sans fro, because it's at Pemberly), Gigi, herself and a FLAWLESS Charlotte.  Seriously, Lizzie's Charlotte is freakishly accurate, which makes sense I suppose since they are since fetuses best friends, still it i is a credit to Ashley Clements awesome talent.

But honestly the biggest event of today's episode was Lizzie picking up the phone and CALLING DARCY! Which as imaginary Charlotte pointed out "Oh, come on Lizzie, this isn't 1800, if you want to know what Darcy's thinking, just ask him." YES! Thank you! 

So she called him, and left an awkward message, but really guys, would you have it any other way? Four episodes left folks...

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