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Sunday, March 10, 2013

School of Thrones: Episode #1 Prom Night is Coming: AKA: And so it Begins

The way our society ingests entertainment has changed. People want to watch what they want when they want, and with DVRs, On Demand, Netflix, Hulu, basically the internet in general, it is entirely possible. Gone are the days when you need to rush home and be in front of the tv to watch your favorite shows. In fact I sat down to think about it and came to the realization that the only show I actually make a point to sit down and watch when it airs is Castle. Which sidebar, the whole father arc they just did WOW.

But I digress, as I said the culture of entertainment is changing. Now with the internet it is even easier for creative types to get their material out to the general public. New webisodes seem to crop up every other day.

I have just recently gotten into watching a few webisodes, most notably The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is as you can plainly see from my most recent entries is my newest obsession. Today, was the premiere of School of Thrones, a parody webseries about what would happen if you were to take the characters of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones  and put them in a modern day high school, in a race for the thrown. Prom night is coming, and the race to be prom king and queen is on!

So the first episode doesn't give us much more than an introduction, but I am excited to see where they go with this. Plus I'm not gonna lie I am excited that both Maxwell Glick and Mary Kate Wiles in another show as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries has already announced that their end date to be March 28th, when they hit their 100th episode.

School of Thrones posts new episodes Sundays at 12pm PST. You can watch the first episode here.

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