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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Episode #95 "End of the Line": AKA: Oh Caroline, No...

So we've known for awhile that the chances of Catherine de Bough actually appearing on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was probably slim to none, and a lot of people guessed that it would be Caroline Lee who would storm in with the accusation of Lizzie seducing Darcy. Especially since Lizzie is still at home, and why on earth would the great Catherine de Bourgh stoop to a house visit to the Bennet Residence? 

Well today, those who guessed it would be Caroline, can all do a happy, little I-told-you-so dance. Ms. Caroline Lee burst on to today's episode with accusations and revelations. She stormed in claiming that Lizzie was the mastermind behind getting Bing to quit med school and move to New York to be with Jane. Clearly her brother was incapable of making a decision that big on his own.

First off, I can not even begin to tell you all how happy I am that Jane's "little indiscretion" was finally revealed. Seriously, that has been plaguing me for MONTHS. Apparently Jane's indiscretion was kissing another man, or rather some drunk friend of Bing's kissed her, just in time for Darcy to walk by. You really got to give it to Caroline for timing that just so. That was not an easy feet I'm sure. Now if only we got to learn how Wickham "saved" Lydia in Vegas...

Anyways as expected, Caroline semi threatens, or rather as best she can threaten, because what can she really do to her,  Lizzie, to stay away from Darcy. To which Lizzie reminds her that Darcy is in charge of his own life, and she hers, but more importantly she never flat out denies her feelings for Darcy, which as we all witnessed in episode #60 "Are You Kidding Me?".

In the original story, it is Elizabeth's confrontation with Lady Catherine that brings Darcy back to her.

“It taught me to hope,” said he, “as I had scarcely ever allowed myself hope before. I knew enough of your disposition to be certain, that had you been absolutely, irrevocably decided against me, you would have acknowledged it to Lady Catherine, frankly and openly.”

So, is this lack of denial combined with her reactions about the subject with Charlotte and Lydia in recent entries enough to give our dear Darcy hope? We have five episodes left to find out.

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