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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries #89 "Insomnia": AKA: The Bennet Sisters in PJs

So once again we are given another filler episode, which is all well and good. I mean there can't be epic drama in every episode, right? I think we all just got so used to the turmoil of the past few weeks that we may have forgotten that.

Still today we are treated to Jane and Lizzie in their Pjs, and once again Lizzie expresses her gratitude to the "mysterious person" who got the website taken down. If Darcy is still watching the video, which I am pretty sure he does, you know it has to be killing him inside.

But it wasn't all fluff today, Lizzie tells Jane that she saw Bing at Pemberly Digital and he asked about her. Did anyone else just want to give Jane a big hug? I mean clearly she still has feelings for Bing, and now she's also unemployed so it's not like sh e can throw herself into her work to try and forget about him. I'm really hoping that Bing has been watching Lizzie's videos, since he sort of found out about them the last time she saw him, and he sees Jane's face. I want him to know that she's hurting as much as, though probably more than, he is. Plus if he has been watching the videos he will see that her feelings were always real.

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