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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries #88 "Okay":AKA: So Not the Controversy


So, the sextape site went down yesterday afternoon, and the fandom rejoiced. Of course it HAD to go down yesterday because according to TLBD timeline, Lizzie tapes the day before she posts, so Sundays and Wednesdays. Since clearly the site need to be done before the tape was released, because remember people this is fiction and the tape doesn't really exist, it needed to go down yesterday so Lizzie could talk about it in today's video.

I know, I know every was really hoping that we would get a Darcy/Wickham confrontation, or Lizzie learning from Darcy that the site was down, but come on folks, we all knew, or should have known, deep down in the cockles of our hearts that there was no way that's how it was going down. After all Elizabeth doesn't find out about Mr. Darcy's involvement in the Lydia/Wickham affair til Lydia lets it slip that Mr. Darcy was at the wedding, and then Elizabeth hunts down the information out of her aunt in the book. So why would it be so easily revealed in the world of TLBD?

Plus there is something so tragically beautiful to me about, Darcy watching Lizzie’s video today, seeing her say: “Oh, thank you, whoever you are, whatever you did, you are a wonderful person, and I can’t thank you enough.” Smiling sadly and softly saying “You’re welcome, Lizzie”, knowing she will never (at least as far as he believes) ever know he was the one responsible.

As for Lydia, I totally think she knows Darcy had something to do with it and has been sworn to secrecy. The way she says thank you to the camera and then turns to Lizzie and says it again? It's because she knows that Darcy did this for Lizzie and so if it hadn't been for Lizzie the site probably wouldn't have been taken down. Or at least that's how I interpret it.

Even though we may not have gotten the epic Valentine's Day romance we all were secretly, and not so secretly hoping for in today's installment, remember...we will always have this.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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