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Monday, February 20, 2012

Revenge "Chaos": AKA: Seriously Guys? WTF?

Ok first off if you are not caught up on Revenge, GO! Do it now. I will wait.

Ok, now that you've returned let's all just take a moment for a brief collective WTF? Now I fully admit to adoring Josh Bowman an his portrayal is Daniel Grayson. I am quite happy that he still has a job, and will continue to make weekly appearances in my living room. However, the way they handled the shooting was SUCH a cop out! The Revenge Powers that Be need to take a lesson from Joss Whedon here, some times even beloved characters need to die to further a story. Daniel was supposed to die, and when the pilot was originally written he did. He was supposed to be further collateral damage for Emily, both of the men she loved would have then experience escalating violence in direct result of her actions. I don't care hell bent on revenge you are, that's enough to give anyone pause.

Now instead we have Daniel, with conveniently no memory of all of what Tyler revealed about his fiance, and most likely going to be charged with Tyler's murder. Which, let's be honest, isn't really a nail bitter, combine Tyler's off his meds performance from a few weeks ago when pulled a gun on all who were present at Daniel's birthday dinner, and the Grayson name and well his self defense plea basically writes itself.

Furthermore it pisses me off that BOTH Charlotte AND Victoria are freaking out about the body being Daniel and then they roll him over and it's just Tyler. First off, they are not THAT similar looking. Tyler is shorter, his face is fuller, his shoulders are broader and his got a little more mass on his body than our darling Daniel. While, I'm willing to accept that those slight differences are something a casual observer/acquaintance may not have noticed, you mean to tell me that his sister AND his mother, both of whom at one point were hovering over and/or clutching the body in hysterics didn't?

You can argue they were distraught, and not thinking clearly enough to notice those small details, but then why did Charlotte ever think it was Daniel in the first place? Victoria, maybe, because Charlotte came screaming that Daniel was shot, and she hadn't been able to find him for a while, but Charlotte? Why would she just assume the dead body belonged to her brother?  Not to mention all the now untapped potential that Daniel's death would have had on Charlotte. Seeing as she wants nothing to with her mother and having just found out that the man she called daddy her whole life isn't her actual father, Daniel was the only real family she has left. If you think she's on a downward spiral now, just imagine how much worse it could have been had "The Powers That Be" stuck to the original plan, pure devastation.

And what about our beloved Queen Victoria? Think of how Daniel's death would have shattered her, don't forget she sent the man she loved to jail and ultimately his untimely death, largely in order to protect Daniel, to loose him too would have made all her efforts pointless. She would have lost the only two men she truly loved.

I have to admit I am truly disappointed with this turn of events. It seems like such a cop out, especially because it means that they have abandoned whatever plan they had set out at the beginning of the show. From the very beginning it was supposed to be Daniel that was shot, and now that they have seen how much the fans love him, they have decided to take the safe route and keep him around. While the episode itself was amazingly suspenseful and well written, in the grand scheme of things, it changes nothing. Tyler was already gone, and side bar, how did he escape from where ever he was carted off to anyway? His death really doesn't change anything except for the fact that now he will not be able to return later in the series to create havoc, oh Tyler, I had such great plans for your return, and now, they are gone. Also you want me to believe that Daniel now knows all about Emily's plan for revenge, but has conveniently forgotten it? We're getting a little too soapy here, and besides didn't we already go through the whole memory loss thing with Lydia? It seems a little soon to bring that back, don't you think?

So yes, Revenge, I do still love you and I will continue to watch, however you have, at least in this instance, greatly disappointed me. I am curious to see how you work your way out of this one.

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