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Friday, June 28, 2013

Franklin & Bash "Good Lovin'": AKA: Adjusting to the New Season

 So this week's  episode brought the return of Coleen Bash, played by the lovely Jane Seymour. This time she was being charged with prostitution. Yup that's right Peter has to defend his mother's prostitution charge, awkward. Turns out, after her nursery failed, Coleen found a new occupation, that of a sex surrogate. She is arrested by an undercover cop, and it soon becomes clear that Coleen isn't the intended target of this malicious prosecution.

I still don't like Heather Locklear's character, she just feels flat and forced, like oh look, here's this season's bitchy hot chick. They did try to make her a bit more likable, by having her open up slightly to Coleen, however the same sex kiss that ensued sorta set her back to simple "the new hot chick" status. I will say however the kiss was worth having since Jared had a field day with it.

I did really enjoy Rhea Seehorn as DA Ellen Swatello. Her chemistry with Breckin Meyer was fantastic, and I was kind of disappointed that they seemed to wrap up her storyline. It was nice to see Franklin with a love interest, and a comical  one at that. Sure they've hooked him up with other females on the show before, but none who seemed an even match for his snark. I hope they decided to bring her back at some point during the season.

I'm a little disappointed that they don't seem to let Karp do anything this season. I mean sure he's got some screen time, but since he's been on his hardcore Judgeship hunt, he hasn't had case. I'd much rather see him interacting with someone other than Rachel, and random judges.

Watching this week's show reminded me of how much I love these characters. The interaction between Peter and Jared is brilliant, the perfect mix of ragging on each other and genuine platonic love, which is nice to see. A fabulous example of bromance at its finest, while I'm still adjusting to  the changes this season has brought about, I'm excited to see where they are headed.

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