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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Franklin & Bash "Coffee and Cream" AND "Dead and Alive": AKA: The Return of Zack & Travis

Last night marked the season premier of everyone's favorite TNT show, Franklin & Bash, and as an extra treat, we got not one but two new episodes.

The boys are pretty much up to their old tricks except there have been some significant changes made to the show. Most notably, Hanna is gone. Now it's no secret I have never been the biggest Hannah fan. I always felt like they had no idea how to write her. She was too wishy-washy, one week she would hate Franklin and Bash for no real reason and be hell bent on destroying them, and the next week she would decide that they were really good guys at heart and help them out on a case. Sometimes she and Karp would get along, and sometimes they would hate each other over their failed romantic history, which never felt real to begin with. Hanna just never felt like a fully formed character to me. She had the potential to be such a great strong female presence on the show, and never came close to achieving it. 

To fill the void left by Hanna's departure,  the PTB* have brought in Heather Locklear to play Rachel King, a lawyer Infeld has brought on as a partner, who is basically being set up to wreak havoc upon Franklin and Bash. Major props should be given to Heather Locklear for looking so amazing. I know it is a shallow way to begin talking about her/her character, but the entertainment industry is often times a shallow/superficial world, so let's give credit when deserved. Seriously though, she looks fantastic.  That being said, I, at least this far, can't stand her character. I'm pretty sure that is the point, but she seems to have come on simply to be the bitch. Which I suppose was the original intent for Hanna's character. Still, I know we are only two episodes in, but right now it just feels like the PTBs decided "We need someone to be a bitch to the boys…Oh, I know let's get Heather Locklear, she's great at being a bitch on screen." I'm hoping that at some point during the season they'll expand her character. 

Infeld, appears to have become even more eccentric than before after an incident that occurred on his most recent trip to Africa. Giving away prized possessions, hiring Rachel and giving her a lot of power in the firm very quickly, almost marring a woman to get her her green card, all of which has given the boys and Karp reason to speculate and worry. 

Karp is still on his quest for eventual judgeship, and now Rachel has offered to help. So instead of the more familiar two case episode of season one, we got one case each episode, and Karp was left alone to deal with attending to his eventual campaign and the madcap wedding plans of his uncle. 

Pindar manages to burn down The Cave, and the gang has now moved into Infeld's beach house, Peter's aquired a new love interest, Charlie, a pretty blonde Australian physical therapist who lives next door.

Ok let's be honest, the PTB moved the boys to a beach house in an excuse to have the boys shirtless more often. No complaints on that, as Augustus Waters so perfectly put it, "I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided awhile ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence." (And that was this week's gentile reminder that if you haven't yet read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, you are missing out).

All and all not a bad start to season three, and I'm curious to see how the changes made will effect the dynamics of the show.

*PTB- Always stands for "Powers That Be"

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