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Monday, March 5, 2012

The River "Peaches" : AKA: All the Best Cowgirls have Daddy Issues

I am officially hooked. There I've said it. The River  is my new Tuesday ritual with The Boy. Is it the most groundbreaking well written show ever created, not so much, but it is different enough, and provides me with a "that was awesome, kinda of scary in the moment but not leaving me with lasting nightmares" feeling that every great thriller should.

Last night was no exception and not only did it provide enough suspense, which may or may not have included me yelling at the tv something along the lines of "What the hell? You stupid bitch, don't you remember what happened the last time you broke open a sealed door?!?!? You got your leg nearly cut off and unleashed a beast that tried to kill everyone!!!" I'm just saying that if I were in the situation, after all that has happened, I would be a bit more cautious.

The Magus gets run a ground by a mysterious ship while attempting to travel through the fog at night, and of course the engine breaks down tot he point where parts need to be repaired. It's clear that they are not heading any where anytime soon.

Lena has spent a majority of the beginning of this episode whining about her dad, I feel like every time someone mentions looking for Emmit the next words from her mouth are always "and my Dad",which I understand she is upset, but it's getting a little repetitive and annoying.

Jonas has definitely seemed to zero in on this and is all about exploiting it. Making a point to talk to her about her dad, and how much he looked up to him. Basically they are completely setting him up, as I already predicted, as a rival for Lena's affections. To be honest I'm not all about the Lena, frankly her character kind of annoys me, but Lincoln needs someone, and I am a sucker childhood romances.

Then low and behold a small boat called "The Exodus" full of a small friendly crew, comes to their aid, or at least that's how it appears, clearly that is not how The Amazon works. As the crew of the Magus is having a merry old time getting drunk with their new "friends", Lena and Jonas, after noticing what seems to be another person aboard the Exodus, sneak off to investigate. Really? After all you have been through, you guys think that this is a good idea?

Shocker, the crew of The Exodus is not what they appear. After hearing noises behind a sealed door and breaking in, because Lena and Jonas make excellent decisions, they discover Russ Landry. Turns out the "helpful crew" are really just  lost souls tied  to their ship until they can find others to take their place. With Lena and Jonas now trapped aboard their ship, the ghost crew now only needs two more souls. Kurt, who is the only one who seems to notice something is not right with these friendly visitors, discovers that they can not be killed by bullets, and gets himself captured. Three down one to go. Of course the ghost crew picks an easy mark for their last target, Tess. They tell her they have a map of the Bouina on board their boat, and she is all about going over to check it out. With all the souls they need on board, The Exodus takes off to hide until sunset when the soul capture switching will take place.

At this point, Lincoln has been searching or Lena for awhile, the fact that both she and Jonas are missing is not lost on him, and now that they hear the boat leaving realizes that the rest of their crew has been kidnapped.  He alerts Clark, and the two of them rally, grab A.J. and the mini boat, in order to go out and search for them. Kurt is making himself useful attempting to breakdown the door to their cell, while Lena and Jonas have managed to get their camera feed linked to The Magus so that hopefully their crew can trace the link back to their location and rescue them before sunrise.

In classic thriller/horror story genre, both Lincoln and Clark walk past the tape room with out seeing Lena's cry for help. However, leave it to Jahel to save the day, while running upstairs to grab some steel wool from the kitchen she spies the feed and is able to radio Lincoln and Clark and tell them where to find the missing members of the crew.

We've already established that the ghost crew is unaffected by bullets, however as one clumsy crew member already showed us, they do burn. So armed with a bunch of flairs, Lincoln and Clark storm the boat to rescue them. There is one problem however, Russ' soul has already been claimed, he can't leave the boat. Naturally Lena doesn't want to leave him, and has a major melt down as her father says his last goodbyes to her, and Lincoln basically drags her from the boat as it goes up in flames.

Can't take credit for this picture, found on tumblr.
If it's your's please let me know & I'll credit.
I have to say one of the most touching moments was as the small boat pulled away, and Lena was in hysterics, Lincoln just held her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

Dear Guys Everywhere,

Please not, the kiss on the top of the head move? Completely swoon worthy. Thanks, that is all.

Women Everywhere.

Seriously, that one action spoke volumes about their relationship, more that all the flashback footage ever could. It is also why I am in full support of a Lena/Lincoln.

We have now discovered what happened to three of Emmet's original crew, producer Cam Travers, died of Malaria and then turned into that weird creature that was locked aboard the ship. Cameraman Jonas Beckett was left for dead in the jungle after becoming cursed. Finally lead cameraman, Russ Landry, ended up being taken by a ghost ship. The question now becomes, how many people were on the original expedition and what happened to them. We know there was at least one female on the trip, we saw her in the tape that showed what happened to Jonas, so you  have to figure there is at least her, and if she is not the engineer, there has to be one of those as well, meaning there are at least one if not two other crew members out there somewhere.

We are now another step closer to finding Emmet Cole, and I know it sounds harsh, but I'm glad that we got some closure on Russ, so Lena will stop pouting about no one caring that her father is also missing. The image of him going up in flames was very touching and in a way poetic. He accepted death, and now having gotten to say goodbye to his daughter, had found closure. Despite the obvious hellish connotations, fire is thought of as a purifier. His soul was purified and set free, I was both surprised and touched by the in memorandum card at the end of the episode. It completely added to the "realness" of the show. I don't think I've ever seen one for a fictional character before.

I am excited to see what this week's episode will bring, as we are taken further into The Amazon on the search for the truth of what happened to Dr. Emmet Cole.

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