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Friday, March 9, 2012

Terra Nova Canceled: AKA: Another One Bites The Dust

Well the other side to pilot season rears its ugly head. The side where last year's new shows start fully getting the boot. Sure there are some shows that get the axe quick, The Playboy Club, Free Agents, Work It, jut to name a few, and then there are the other casualties. The ones the network has allowed allowed those who watched to fall in love with.

This week FOX announced they are giving Terra Nova the axe, although they did say they would shop the show to other networks, but with it's super sized budget, it's hard to imagine many networks jumping at the bit to pick up the tab. While I didn't personally get full into Terra Nova, I am saddened by the amazingly talented Stephen Lang, otherwise know as "The Silver Fox", being out of a job. Though there are reports that Netflix is looking to maybe pick it up.

Now is when I go into panic mode, okay panic may be being a little over dramatic, but I am growing concerned for The River on ABC.  I've made it absolutely no secret that I hooked on this freaky little Tuesday night show, and with only two episodes left I can't help but be antsy over whether or not "The Powers that Be" over at ABC will renew.

I know the ratings have not been stellar, but it really is a good show. I feel like a lot of people tuned out after not "loving" the first hour of the two hour premiere. This frustrates me to no end, I am of the firm belief that pilots, with a handful of exceptions,  just aren't good. There's too much exposition and introduction to take care of, which is why I abide by the rule of three. Always give a show three episodes to decide whether or not it's worth watching. If you aren't hooked by the third episode you probably never will be.

I actually find it quite sad that our culture seems to become so impatient. Shows no longer have a chance to grow and find their audience. Not all shows are going to be breakout hits. Neither Cheers or M*A*S*H had very high numbers their first seasons and both went on to have very successful runs. It just feels like currently the networks are so concerned with finding the "next big thing" they have forgotten they need to give the audience time to get to know/love the characters/storyline/shows they already have.

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