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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Deception "Pilot" & "Nothing's Free, Little Girl": AKA: My First Impressions

Ok, I admit I'm a little slow on this one, it took me a bit of time to get on the Deception bandwagon, mostly because the show airs at 10pm on Mondays, which as we all know is Castle time so clearly that took priority. Never the less, while the boy was out last night, I came home to a glass of wine and the first two episodes of Deception. 

I fully admit that when I saw the script last pilot season, my first thought was that this was NBC trying to cash in on the success of ABC's Revenge, and maybe it is, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. The idea behind the show is that prominent socialite, Vivian Bowers is found dead, of an apparent accidental overdose. The FBI however, believes that she may have been murdered, by someone in her family. And so they bring in SFPD officer Joanna Locasto, who grew up in the Bowers home as her her mother worked for them, to go undercover and try and find the murderer.

The cast is a DREAM! Ok, well for me it is, as it is made up of actors who I thoroughly love and enjoy, which is the main reason I started to watch. I mean Victor Garber, come on, Titanic, Alias, the list goes on, that man radiates talent. Tate Donovan will forever be the voice of Hercules in my mind, regardless of whatever else he does.

Wes Brown. Yup that was the full sentence right there. I have such a crush on that man, I wanted to love him when he was on Hart of Dixie but lets face it, when it comes to that show, my heart belongs to Wade. Honestly though Wes Brown, is dreamy and I am already mildly in love with Julian. Even though they allude to the fact that he may have been the murderer, I am still a bit head over heels.

Ella Rae Peck as Mia is fabulously bitter and bitchy. You make recognize her from her guest stint as Lola on Gossip Girl, or from several guest spots on Tv, and a few small movie roles, but let me tell you this girl is amazingly talented. I am so happy she is now a series regular and will now be appearing weekly on my tv.

Even the smaller roles have been cast with awesome people I adore, David Gelles, Ken Leong (MILES!!!!! from Lost), Bree Williamson (best know as Jessica Brennan on One Life To Live), Mackenzie Leigh, and Jackie Stewart.

I do have to say though, with all the cast that I am in love with, I actually don't overly care for Meagan Good or Laz Alonso, which considering that they are supposed to be two MAJOR parts of the story may end up being a problem. However I don't hate them, I just am not nearly as excited by their characters as I am by some of the the others.

On a whole the first two episodes held my attention, and I am definitely looking forward to next weeks episode.

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