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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012: AKA: Where the Geeks Come Out to Play

Photo Credit L. Lyles
As I write this I am standing, yup I'm standing, on a packed train home, battered, bruised, tired and poorer, and wouldn't trade this weekend for anything in the world.

The past four days in New York have been a geek paradise, for the Jacob Javits Center has been home to the 2012 New York Comic Con. I was extremely lucky enough to be able to be in attendance for three of the four days.

While not quite as large as it's San Diego brother, NYCC has been steadily growing. It is a whirl win experience, often boarding on sensory overload, that can be an amazing experience. I could probably go on for DAYS about the extraordinary time I had this weekend with my very amazing ladies, but rather than bore you all with self indulgent stories, although some personal antidotes are sure to poke through, I thought it's be best to talk about the dos and don'ts for making your comic con experience the best it can be.


Plan Ahead
I can not stress enough how much easier/enjoyable this will make your life/overall experience.

Buy your tickets ahead of time. You can order tickets online MONTHS before con, and it is in you best interest to do so. This way your very own shiny NYCC pass will be mail to you & you will therefore avoid having to stand online to pick it up on the day of. Trust me there is A LOT to do, you are not going to want to waste time standing in line to get your badge.

Photo Credit: L. Lyles
The folks over at NYCC are nice enough to release a WEALTH of information Pre-event. Take advantage of it! Look up who going to be there, what panels are happening, what booths have those exclusives you can't live without and plan out your days! Download the official NYCC app for iPhones or Droid and take advantage.

Prioritize And Always Have a Back Up Plan

When you go through the list of fabulous panels, you will probably encounter a time when there are two things you want to do happening simultaneously, or at the very least slightly overlapping. So now you are forced to choose. However don't just cast you other choice aside. Keep it in mind as a back up. The panel rooms are not emptied between panels so there is a chance you may not get into your first choice. It's nice to have a back up then.

Speaking of the fact that the panel rooms don't empty out between sessions, it's a good idea to line up for the panel you want to see early. Actually, if the panel is a big deal, or you anticipate that it's gonna be full, it's a good idea to try and get in the room for an earlier panel and sit tight. Who know you may end up seeing something you become really interested in. Perfect example, this year Stan Lee came to NYCC. That's right, THE STAN LEE. I have loved the man for years and was dying to see him speak live, so as soon as I heard he would be there, I knew not seeing his panel wasn't an option. So my lovely gals and I decided the best way to accomplish our goal was to try and go see the Person of Interest panel before hand. Now I like Person of Interest, and am a huge fan of Michael Emerson and Jonathan Nolan. Jonathan Nolan being my "Below the Line Crush"*, so I did very much enjoy the session, however I probably would have skipped it, had it not been directly before Stan Lee.

Cosplay at NYCC (Photo Credit: L. Lyles)
For those of you curious, Stan Lee is probably one of the most entertaining people you will ever see/meet. I highly recommend seeing him I you ever have the chance. Also check out his new project, Stan Lee's World of Heroes on YouTube here.

Cate as an Ewok (Photo Credit: EM)
If you do decide to cosplay, which is awesome, I mean come on, any excuse to get dressed up should be capitalized upon as far as I am conserved, start planing/building/constructing your costume as early as possible. There is nothing worse than running around the last few days/hours before the con trying to get your shit together.

There is some EPIC cosplay that goes on at any con and NYCC is no exception. Be prepared to see a little bit of everything. Trust me if you ever want to put you pop culture knowledge to the test, play Name That Cosplay. I swear it maybe my fave past time.

Bring Food and Water

The convention center concessions are HIGHLY OVER PRICED. This is not an exaggeration, bring food and water even if you think you won't need it. You will. Take it from the girl who was suckered into buy a $4.95 bottle of Vitamin Water because she was dying of thirst. Sadly, I don't even really like Vitamin Water, I was just that damn thirsty. Seriously your best bet is to eat a decent breakfast, bring a bottle of water and a bunch of small snacks to graze upon throughout the day, then after con go out and find some dinner. There are plenty of wonderful places to eat you're in NYC for crying out loud. We opted for pizza on Friday, Thai on Say (Yum) and a dinner sit down on Sunday.

Pack a Phone Charger

The Javits Center has spotty service at best. Your battery will be put to the test, especially if you plan on being there ALL DAY! So pack your phone charger, or even an external battery. This year there was a charging station just outside Artists Alley, but if you're crafty enough to find one, there are outlets all around the convention center.

Be Kind and Considerate to All

For the duration of con you are in for some LONG hours. Everyone has been on their feet for hours, is tired and most likely weighed down buy a ton of swag (that's right I like the term swag, deal with it) and other assorted goodies. Common courtesies always apply, say excuse me, be careful not to whack anyone with your bags/poster tubes/costume pieces, and SHOWER! That's right each night you come home, or morning before you come to NYCC remember to shower and put on deodorant...the gals and I opted out of much of the floor today as the 4 day funk had set in and breathing had become hazardous.


Play by the Herd Mentality.

Cosplay (Photo Credit: EM)
All your friends really want to go to the Carrie panel but you are DYING to see Stan Lee and the are both happening at the same time?!?! Well it's okay to split up for a bit. Sure things are often times more fun when you are with a group but don't let that stop you from doing something you really want to do. Make a plan to meet up with your crew when you get out, but go do what you want to do, otherwise you'll most likely whined up regretting it.

Be Afraid to Leave the Convention Center

Seriously the last thing you want is to be a crank-a-potamous. It's 3pm, you're tired but you really wanna go to that late panel at 7 pm? Go back to your hotel room/wherever take a nap and come back. Hungry but forgot to bring food and don't want to pay convention center prices? Leave get food and come back. You can venture out into the world, as long as you have your pass you will be welcomed back and you and everyone around you will feel a whole lot better.

Turn Your Opportunity to Ask a Question into a Gush Fest

Photo Credit: L. Lyles
I get it, you are given the rare opportunity so speak to someone who is your idle/the namesake of your child/your dream man/whatever, and you are a bit star struck and wish to tell them just how important they are to you. We get it, but don't waste a valuable Q & A slot with questions like "Can I get a hug/kiss/ect?" or "how does it feel to know you made a grown woman cry?" Likewise a long ramble on your love of whomever you are addressing before your question isn't overly appreciated either. It's great that you are getting this opportunity, but remember there are plenty of other people standing in the line behind you who want the chance too.

Forget to Bring Cash

Sure the Convention Center has ATMs, which are annoying to find, and sure there are some booths who take credit cards, but just do yourself a favor, make your life a WHOLE lot easier and bring cash. It's that simple.

NYCC Exclusive David Tennant Doctor Who bust (Photo Credit: EM)
Allow One Set Back to Ruin Your Day

You raced on to the floor on Saturday morning straight to the Titan Entertainment booth to get that NYCC '12 exclusive David Tennant Doctor Who bust only to find they are sold out? Go down to wait for The Walking Dead panel 2 hours early only to be told the IGN Theatre has been completely closed for the day unless people miraculously vacate the theater? Yeah, those things suck hardcore...seriously, but that shouldn't ruin your whole experience. This is comic con! Anything can happen! Nathan Fillion can surprise a whole theater and show up at the 10th Anniversary Firefly panel. Yup that happened. So park your ass in the garage and watch the live feed of The Walking Dead,  it may not be the same as being in  the room but hey, you still get to experience it. I would however bring something squishy to sit on, because ouch. Sure you did't get the bust, but where were you gonna put it? Further more, now you have that money to spend on other pretty things. Comic Con comes around once a year, make the most of your time there.

*Below the Line is what the department at my job that is for all the non actors (directors, writers, costume/set/makeup designers ect.) is called.

 Random Musings & Photos

50 points if you recognize this childhood favorite(Photo Credit EM)

  • At some point on Saturday I walked past a female Zapp Brannigan in the crowd, there was no time to stop and get a picture of her, but ROCK ON girl, whoever you were for the awesome costume.
  • I'm a Sucker for a good looking hero/Doctor
  • Nathan Fillion surprising the Firefly panel caused the whole IGN Theatre to go Ape Shit.
  • "Doctor Who is the worst thing ever to happen to your wallet isn't it?" - Andrea Towers remarking on my "bag-o-loot" from NYCC
  • You can find anything and everything at NYCC, so look around you never know what you may find, childhood toys, mini top hats, giant photos of David Tennant and his perfect hair...
  • Comic Shoes work better on heels than flats 
  • Friends make life better.
  • Arrow is going to be EPIC, and Stephen Amell is gorgeous. 

Photo Credit: L. Lyles

Mini Top Hat- Modeled by the lovely Cate (photo credit: L. Lyles)

My attempt at FemmeNine
First Day Loot (Photo Caption: EM)

Second Day Loot (Photo Credit: E)
Last Day Loot (Photo Credit: EM)
Me Meeting Thor...So Pretty 

Me, The Captain and Cate (Photo Credit L. Lyles)

The Fabulous Katie Cook drew me the Doctor/Donna

Gambit! With red eyes and everything (Photo Credit: EM)

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