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Friday, September 28, 2012

Revenge Returns: AKA: Get Ready


Ok, I admit it, I was having issues with Revenge since they decided it wasn't Daniel who lay dead on the beach that fateful night of the engagement party. I personally felt it was a total cop-out and that it insulted my intelligence. You can read all about my rant here if you missed it. I finished out the rest of the season, but with far less enthusiasm.

Then today I finally got the chance to watch not only the season recap, but the beginning of this season's premire, and suddenly I can  not wait for Sunday. I remember when I first read the script for the pilot I really enjoyed it, but couldn't help thinking that it would make a better movie than a show. I mean couldn't  really see how they could keep the premise of Revenge going for more than a season. Thank you Mike Kelly and your beautiful writers for, at least for the moment, proving me wrong.

Anyone who would like to watch the preview of Sunday's episode can do so here.


Random Thoughts

1) Can we all agree that there is a 99.9% chance that Victoria is still alive? I mean come on if Lydia can survive that fall off a building, there's no way the Queen of Mean is going out like that. Plus she's in the promo pictures, and while you could argue that is for flashback purposes, I'm not buying it.

2) I LOVE Ashley Madekwe in real life. I think she is adorible, talented and sweet, plus her sense of style totally rocks my world. Check out her fashion blog here. That being said Ashley Davenport and I are fighting. I am so not ok with how she just dropped Emily. Is Emily the greatest of friends? No. However I feel like at some point in time Ashley decided to "get back at" Emily, for...I'm not even sure what exactly. 

3) Daniel has become a giant ass. I mean I get that he has gone through a lot, and yes Emily did break his heart, but there is no excuse for his actions as of late. This from the man who proclaimed he NEVER wanted to be like his father, now he is like his "mini me". Speaking of mini, is anyone else thinking that he and Ashely are going to become mini Conrad and Victoria? Think about it, and ambitious girl from a working class family, becomes romantically involved with a wealthy powerful man who is growing colder every day. Look everyone, history DOES repeat itself!

4) Who else is hoping that the body on the sunken boat with the flannel sleeve is Fauxmanda? I know, I know the arm looks a little manly, and all the imagery we were given, the picture, the compass are supposed to allude to it being Jack's body, but come on. First of all, it wouldn't be unheard of for them to pull a bait and switch on us, we all thought it was Daniel's body on the beach right? Plus, Fauxmanda would TOTALLY wear flannel, if fact she has on more than one occasion flounced around in one of Jack's button down shirts. More importantly, though, she has GOT TO GO. This whole "Jack I'm having your baby" act is driving me nuts. I, for one, am questioning as to whether the baby is actually his. I mean she was a stripper after all, who worked in a club with a private room. Now I am not saying all strippers are whores/prostitutes, but come on, in this world, with that character? She was at rock bottom, I wouldn't put it past her to make some extra cash the "easy way"? Just saying.

5) I am also so not ok with the separation of Charlotte and Declan. I am aware it is an unpopular opinion, but I love them together. Also now that her family is in shambles, Charlotte needs Declan more than ever, even if she doesn't know/want to admit it.

So, are you ready to go back to The Hamptons? Revenge now airs on a new night and time. Watch for it Sundays at 9pm on ABC.

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