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Monday, December 5, 2011

American Horror Story "Spooky Little Girl" : AKA: Seriously? We're pulling Black Dahlia now?

Okay, so I get it's a "Horror Story", says it right in the title, and there are therefore supposed to be ghosts, that's a given, but come on now, the ghost roster has gotten WAY too long. Before I continue my rant let's sound off with the ghost we know of in the house thus far:
  1. Charles Montgomery
  2. Nora Montgomery
  3. Infatata/Thaddeus Montgomery
  4. Beauregard (Constance's deformed son in the attic)
  5. Hugo (Constance's cheating husband)
  6. Tate
  7. Troy (twin)
  8. Bryan (twin)
  9. Chad 
  10. Patrick
  11. Gladys
  12. Maria
  13. Female Cult member
  14. Male Cult member
  15. Young/old Moira
  16. Hayden
  17. Travis
  18. Elizabeth Short
Seriously, we are up to EIGHTEEN now, in the house! Not to mention, the five classmates Tate shot, who's ghosts, though not connected to the house, were roaming about on Halloween, and the fact that somewhere Constance has another child, who very well may be in the house as well, and we aren't entirely sure what happened to Larry's wife and two daughters. I mean seriously, I really am starting to think that they've decided to throw the story out and see how many fun ghost stories and legends/guest stars they can address. Did we really need The Black Dahlia this week? Sure it was a cool idea, but I would have much rather focused on what was actually going on with the family. We got like a nano-second of Vivian, a sprinkling of Ben and no Violet whatsoever. Her mother was carted off to a psych ward, and it was basically her fault, but all we "see" of her is Ben mentioning she won't leave her room.

Also why have the police never questioned Ben about the death of Derek? Clearly, they must know he's dead by now and this is the third of Ben's patients to turn up dead. Bianca, the cult member, Sally, the boring woman who committed suicide, and now Derek, seems a little strange to me that no one thinks it's odd that all of a therapists clients are dying.

I've come too far into the season to give it up, but come on American Horror Story, make me want to stay.

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